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based in NYC Metro Area.

About Me

I'm Asa Kahn.

I graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics.

My primary interests are creating mobile-responsive websites and developing Android applications.

I have an in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, and ReactJS for web development.

I also know Java/Kotlin and Python for Android and backend development.


LIFX Lights Control  •  Chrome/Firefox Extension

LIFX Lights Control Website

  • Created a Chrome/Firefox extension to easily control LIFX's lamps straight from the browser!
  • Fetches data from LIFX's API to get the current state of each lamp, like brightness, color, power is on/off.
  • Sends data via LIFX's API to control each individual lamp or all of them at once.
  • Coded in Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS

Main App
App as Extension
Multiple Lights 1
Multiple Lights 2

React.js "ShareMe" Social Media Website

ShareMe Project Link

  • Developed a responsive mock social media website that’s similar to Pinterest using React.js and the backend being Node.js.
  • Implemented a “Login with Google” button to login to the website.
  • Website shows a Masonry Grid Layout of ‘pins’ (images/components), with options to search for different results by keyword or category.
  • Users can create and post new ‘pins.’ Users are also able to comment on another user’s pin.
  • The website is hosted on Netlify and holds persistent data by communicating to Sanity.io’s API, which is a backend storage service.

Login Page
Front Page
Front Page Mobile
Search Results
Pin Details Page
User Profile Page
Upload Pin Page

ReactJS Movie Project

  • Developed a responsive movie website using the frontend framework React.js with the backend being Node.js.
  • Utilizes an API to fetch the movies from TheMovieDB.org
  • Created infinite scroll effect which fetches for new list of movies to display. And created a search bar to search by movie title.
  • Implemented a registration and login systems which interact with the Node.js backend using MySQL
  • Logged in users, will have a “Recently Watched” section displayed like Netflix.
  • Uses HTML, CSS, MySQL, and Javascript

Front Page
Video Page
Login/Register Form
Edit Account
Logged In, Recently Watched Section

E-Commerce Website Project - (PHP, MySQL)

  • Implemented an e-commerce website with an integrated shopping cart system from scratch as part of my class’s final project.
  • Site Admin can dynamically add new products, and have it displayed on the front-page.
  • Users can add products to cart, edit the cart by updating the quantity or removing products and finally, checkout.
  • Utilized HTML, CSS, and PHP. Developed with MySQL as the database service.

Hoodies Page
Sweatshirts Page
Checkout page
Empty Cart

Clock4Fold - Android App

PlayStore Link

  • Coded in Java/Kotlin on Android Studio for the folding phones by Samsung.
  • The app displays the current time and adapts to any screen state.
  • Uploaded the app to the Google Playstore.

Outer Display Horizontal
Inner Display Half-Folded
Inner Display Laptop Mode
Inner Display Full Display
Settings Page

Various other Android Projects

  • Android projects using Java on Android Studio such as an address book app, cannon game, doodle drawing app, and a weather viewer app.

Address Book Contacts List
Address Book Edit Contact
Cannon Game
Doodle Drawing App
Weather App

Various iOS Projects

  • iOS projects using Swift on Xcode such as a personality quiz app, a restaurant menu app, and a to-do list app.

Restaurant App

  • A restaurant app that let's users see a menu, choose items to add to the order and process the order.
  • All menu information is fed from an external server so that items can be configured on the fly.
  • After clicking submit order, the order information get's passed to the server which determines how long it takes and responds back with a time interval of the order.

Menu Page
Menu Entrees
Food Item Description
Orders Cart Page
Submit Orders Page
To-Do App List
To-Do App More Info
Login Example

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